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Lillian’s Eyes, Mako’s Mouth

February 9, 2011

Lillian Shippe: This is the Jita Skin for The Dressing Room Blue by MONS. It is under 100L.
Lillian Shippe: So the thing that strikes me first is that in every one, every single friggin one, I still look Asian.
Mako Kungfu: Yep, you really do… and i don’t at all.
Mako Kungfu: Well no, that’s not true. In the littlest shape I kinda do…
Lillian Shippe: The one in the middle?
Mako Kungfu: Yeah.
Lillian Shippe: Yeah, you sort of do…it is the most Asian of the 5 of you.
Mako Kungfu: Some of the shapes you are wearing are non-Asian shapes, right?
Lillian Shippe: All of them BUT my regular shape there are non Asian.
Mako Kungfu: Wow, really.
Lillian Shippe: Yes.
Lillian Shippe: The second one is a generic Insect Girl shape I use for that sort of thing… The last one is a Kunstkammer and those don’t look Asian at all. The 4th one is that Gonnie shape for Trilogy by &bean. None of those were Asian.
Mako Kungfu: Kunstkammer shapes were always very Germanic. You could always tell which shapes were hers — she had such a distinctive, different look to her shapes. I miss that place.
Lillian Shippe: Yeah, I miss her too…. That chin shape of hers was so distinctive.
Mako Kungfu nods.
Mako Kungfu: Well… so why do you look Asian? lol
Mako Kungfu: They all have similar eye shapes.
Lillian Shippe: I don’t know? Is it because we expect me to be Asian? Like, if we showed the pics of me to an impartial observer would they think these were Asian avs?
Mako Kungfu: Yeah, most of them.
Lillian Shippe: Maybe I am drawn to similar eye shape avatars. But I purposefully chose ones for this shoot sort of at random. You saw me do it. There was very little thought on my part here. Most of these shapes were not purchases, but rather accidental acquisitions.
Mako Kungfu nods.
Mako Kungfu: I think it’s all in the eyes. You seem to prefer shapes with a more closed eye shape — look at the pic of me, my eyes are all wider than yours lol

Lillian Shippe: Yes, you do tend to go for the much more wide open eyeshape. We both have our design leanings in that regard, and our prejudices are showing here I guess.
Mako Kungfu: Well so that solves it lol
Lillian Shippe: We should design a shape for each other and trade.
Mako Kungfu: Haha that would be great! Next time…
Lillian Shippe: It would be dangerous.
Mako Kungfu: lol how so?
Lillian Shippe rubs her hands together and laughs with an evil titter.
Lillian Shippe: Oh…no reason.
Mako Kungfu: lol
Lillian Shippe: So, back to the skin…
Mako Kungfu: Well, so i think, especially for an inexpensive skin, this is pretty versatile.
Lillian Shippe: It is…I mean, obviously a bunch of shapes can wear it and wear it well.
Mako Kungfu: The lips are really berryish but it’s not that makeuppy…
Mako Kungfu: Wow, I just made up like half those words.
Lillian Shippe: You did… I was waiting for you to go to makeuppuppy next…
Mako Kungfu: lol
Lillian Shippe: They are VERY ripe lips. I tried a bunch of lip layers with them though, and they can work.
Mako Kungfu: Yeah, you can easily tone down the ripeness if you want.
Lillian Shippe: It works on a variety of mouth shapes as well. Even that drag queen thing you have going on in the first shape can play it out… down to the little anime princess mouth in the third shape.
Mako Kungfu: hahahahaha
Lillian Shippe: Dude…totally true.
Mako Kungfu: I think the second one is more draggy…
Lillian Shippe: Look at the jaw on the first one. T’is all bout the jaw.
Mako Kungfu: You know that’s supposed to be a Scarlett Johanssen shape?
Lillian Shippe: NO
Lillian Shippe: NO!
Mako Kungfu: LOL
Mako Kungfu: one of these days i’m gonna bust out the Victoria Beckham freebie shape.
Lillian Shippe: I think I have that one…
Mako Kungfu: I smell a special post!
Lillian Shippe: YAY
Mako Kungfu: So bottom line: it’s cheap, it works, get thee to the Dressing Room to buy this thing while you have the chance?
Lillian Shippe: Yes. And if you like Asian skins DO NOT PASS IT UP. It is probably one of the best I have seen in the eye area.

(And yes, Girl Mako has a bunny in her hair. Thank you, Hair Fair!)

Lillian is trying to do some credits here cause Mako reminded me we didn’t:

On Lillian:
Hair: Clawtooth
Top: NiniA (Not yet Available)
Undershirt: Runo for The Dressing Room
Feather Thingy: glow for The Dressing Room

On Mako:
Hair: Bunneh by Milestone Creations (Hair Fair 2010)
Top: Mimo by Bare Rose
Earrings: Grace by Lelutka (old gift)
Tattoo: Koi by Garden of Ku


The Insect Girl

February 3, 2011

Lillian and I picked up Pididdle’s Incognito Makeup Set at the Dressing Room a few days ago. The ad for the makeup is shown here. We decided to blog about it because… well, it challenged us, and brought up some issues we’ve been wanting to address.

If you know either of us (or even if you’ve just seen us here on this blog), you know that we both change our avatars quite a lot. We are shapeshifters and experimenters and like to wear crazy things. That is part of what we both really love about SL — you can swerve wildly between costumes, identities, concepts, trends, etc. We both appreciate that SL takes all kinds — Glamazons, Goreans, Furries, Faeries, Tinies, Twinks, Hybrids, Hipsters… whatever, it’s your second life, you should be able to do what you please with it. So this post is not about judging how you choose to present your avatar.

What it is about is this: the best creators make things, even niche things, that are flexible enough to be worn by many different types of avatars. If you create something that only fits a certain consumer audience, then your buyers are limited. Sometimes, creators who themselves fall into a specific niche end up creating items that only look good on their avatars. And that is kind of what has happened here.

And so we come to what Lillian and I affectionately call the Insect Girl. The Insect Girl is a particular type of avatar that is often seen in alt-fashion environments. She seems to have started as something of a rebel against the Barbie look that was practically enforced by the grid in earlier years, but has since evolved to become her own breed of fashionista. She is small and oddly made, somehow managing to have gourd-like curves but waifish proportions all at the same time. Her head is often sort of heart-shaped. Her mouth is a downturned little pout, her nose tiny, her eyes almost impossibly far apart. All of these factors combine into what is often a cute, bug-like appearance… but one that is very, very specific. And, unfortunately, often hard to work with.

In my experience, Insect Girls tend to create for Insect Girls. This is an issue with skins, especially — skins designed to highlight the oddities of their features make for crazy eyes and problematic mouths on more normally proportioned avatars. And so we arrive at the Pididdle makeup set from the Dressing Room.

The makeup is creative, well made and very interesting. Both Lillian and I snapped it up with high hopes that we’d be able to do something with it. But our regular avatars look absolutely batshit in this makeup.

It comes down to proportions. Though Lillian and I have very different shapes, both of us have mouths that turn slightly up at the corners and eyes that aren’t especially far apart. We tried other shapes, other colorings, and realized that the only shapes this makeup looks decent on are Insect Girl shapes.

Eventually, we became virtually the same Insect Girl.

Now, this is by no means meant to slam Insect Girls. You are proud creatures and rightly so. Rock on with your cute buggy little selves. Some of you have fantastically creative Flickr streams and make some of the best products in SL. And Lillian and I enjoyed the end result of this challenge (and laughed our asses off at the unintentional twinning). Our frustration here is simply that an interesting product is, in our shared opinion, not quite versatile enough for our wider use.

If you disagree with us and have a “normal” shape that looks fantastic in this makeup, please let us know, I’d love to see what others are doing with it! It is available (for a limited time, I think) at The Dressing Room [SLurl].

Credits: Lillian and I, as usual, are both wearing a bunch of Lamb and Pig. We will try to be better with more detailed credits in the future.

Sooty Lips and Cat’s Eyes.

January 31, 2011

Mako directed us to the Dressing Room this weekend where we picked up this skin by Glam Affair. Called Jadis in Natural DAMA, it has black cupid bow lips and extreme cat eyes, with no brows to speak of at all. It is an extreme look, to say the least. So we chose to play with some extreme garb from Bare Rose when highlighting it. When we first tried the skin on, both of us felt that the graphic nature of the makeup would limit our use of it, but after playing with it a bit, we decided that it was much more versatile than we first thought. Mako warriored his up, turning it into a fierce representation of goddess-like strength. I embraced the kabuki side of it with and then went into a more western play on the idea of dance. I found it interesting how easily this skin slid from Valkyrie, to avenging geisha down to the dollish black swan. For less than 100L, it is a steal.  Get yourself to the Dressing Room, if you can, and pick this one up.

All outfits except for hair and tattoos are pretty much Bare Rose.

Smug and Satisfied

January 23, 2011

A long time ago I started trying to wear the skins from Fashionably Dead, created by Toast Bard. I found that they looked off on me. I don’t know if it was the fact that my shape was Asian, or that I didn’t have those round broad features that her skins seemed to favor, but I just could never seem to wear them well. I tried, every few months longingly picking up a couple demos and then sadly packing them away. All that changed recently when I bought her Tokyo skin that she made for the One-Eleven event. It was glorious and fit me in a way none of her previous skins had. So much so, that I decided to give her skins another try, and dragged Mako along for the ride.

FD Princess Skin 1

Bird Skin, the lightest tone

Toast recently had a pack of her Princess line on sale at Euphoria for 100L, which included 3 skin tones (Bird Skin, Morning Sun, and Earth Flower) in a range of eyebrow colors and freckles. I showed Mako the Bird Skin.

Mako: I love that.

Lillian: It was 100L for the pack. It comes in Earth Flower and Morning Sun too.

Mako: I love the simplicity and the freckles, LOL

Lillian: and with black, brown, red and blonde brows…but the freckles are only on the brown I think.

Mako: Oh that looks great too, that darker tone works well on you.

Lillian: You look lovely. It is so soft on you!

Mako: lol, you think? I look like… I can’t put my finger on it…

Lillian: I think this skin would be great for layering makeup tattoos on though. It is a great base for that.

Mako nods.

FD Princess Skin 2

Morning Sun, the medium tone

Lillian: You look sort of like….hmmmm…. god,  who the heck do you look like?

Mako: Yeah, I look like someone, don’t I?

Lillian: It is on the tip of my tongue. Oh! You look like Gwen Steffani when she has no makeup on.

Mako: lol

Lillian grins.

Mako: Well now that you say that… yeah.

Lillian: …like someone just scrubbed you.

Mako: I think you love these more than I do, but I do like them a lot.

Lillian:  They don’t accentuate my DSL disease.

Mako: LOL would you really call DSL a disease?

Lillian: I can’t get away from it, every AV I make has it.

Mako: Heh.

Earth Flower, the darkest tone

Mako: I’m a little Angelina maybe?

Lillian: hmmmm….maybe.

Mako: …or somebody, I can’t put my finger on it. At least you don’t think I look like Megan Fox again! lol

FD Princess Skins

The Smug and Satisfied Outtake - Raw from SL

Mako: Yeah we look totally different. I look smug, you look satisfied. There is a subtle difference.

Lillian: Hahaha. Blog post title: Smug and Satisfied.

Mako: Heh.

Note from Mako: Girl Mako has been wearing the Bird Skin (with eyelashes and more freckles added via tatt layer) for a few days and it has really grown on me. People keep complimenting me on it. Like Lillian, I had trouble wearing FD skins before this — they looked fantastic on other people, but odd on me. Not so with these newer lines. Rock on, Toast Bard!


September 14, 2010

We both picked up the 1L gift skin from SLink at the 2010 Hair Fair. The skin is called Siobhan and two tones (fair and suntanned) are included. And so, we discuss:

Lillian:  On the &Bean shape I am wearing, it almost makes me look Bjork-style Scandanavian.

Mako:  Haha, you do look Bjorkish.

Lillian:  God, I have pig eyes.

Mako:  And my regular shape has saucer eyes — the eyes are very defined on this skin.

Lillian:  I just think there is some lack of highlighting around the brow bone here that does funky things with the eyes.  Yours are huge and mine are tiny. WTF?

Mako:  Yeah lol — exactly. That is strange. but there is eyeshadow and stuff… ? I’m baffled, honestly.

Lillian:  The skin looks normal on the shape you have on on the far left.

Mako: Yeah… and funny thing is, I’ve worn that shape before and it has never looked quite normal… this is an interesting skin.

Lillian:  You look like a kick ass cold fashionista with that shape on…

Mako:  Hahahaha — a cleaving kick ass cold fashionista.

Lillian:  Yes, well… the cleavage on this skin is fantastic. There is no denying that.

Mako:  Indeed.

Lillian:  Your globes overfloweth.

Mako:  LOL. As do yours.

Lillian:  I am not used to that so I find myself constantly averting my eyes.

Mako:  Averting your eyes from your virtual cleavage?

Lillian:  Yes.  I am made uncomfortable by the abundance of my digital boobage.

Mako:  Lol. Embrace the digital boobage

Lillian:  Yes sir.

Mako:  For a 1L gift skin, this is pretty great though.

Lillian: Yeah, for a 1L skin? Boom boom. Let’s talk about the lips on this thing. There is some serious candystriping going on… CANDYSTRIPE LIPS!

Mako:  On my regular girl shape, the mouth definitely looks odd to me. Like i’m about to spit something out… But i don’t think they look bad on any of the other shapes — I don’t find the candystriping distracting.

Lillian:  No it isn’t, it is just like super glossy…like Bonnie Bell glossy.

Mako:  What is Bonnie Bell?

Lillian:  It is teenage flavoured lipgloss.

Mako:  Oh. What kind of flavors?

Lillian:  Strawberry, rootbeer, bubblegum… it was some high class stuff, Mako. Mmmmmmm rootbeer Bonnie Bell.  I had this girlfriend once… oh wait. Sorry.

Mako:  So this skin is just 1L and also tastes like root beer? SCORE!

Lillian:  YESSSSS.

Mako:  Can’t really go wrong.

Lillian:  Nope.

The 2010 Hair Fair is open until this Sunday, September 19th. SLink is on the Hair Fair 1 sim.


We are both wearing Pig in all pics: Lillian has on Heather goes Hunting and Girl Mako is in Plain Olivia. Otherwise, clockwise from upper left:

Mako: Hair by Kin (Elsa – Hair Fair 2010), shape by Lemon (Freebie), eyelashes by Milk Motion

Lillian: Hair by Clawtooth (Lovely Liz), custom shape

Lillian: Hair by Lamb (Sour), custom shape

Lillian: Hair by Tiny Bird (Girl Anachronism), shape by &Bean (Gonnie)

Mako: Hair by Shag (These Things – Hair Fair 2010), custom shape

Mako: Hair by Kin (Margaret), freckle tattoo layer by Tres Blah, custom shape

Eat Your Heart Out, Betty

August 30, 2010

Last year, Lillian and I went shopping for zombie skins. The ones from Nomine (designer: Munchflower Zaius) proved to be our favorites, and we have both shot in them on several occasions, both together and separately. This time, we teamed up to showcase the skins in a specific environment — if you’re going to be undead, why not be undead in the early 60s? Here we are having some fun with the concept of Zombie Mad Men, our flesh-eating nod to AMC’s Emmy-winning series.

Lillian:  Ok…so Zombies and Madmen…

Mako:  So this concept started when I got the Nomine zombie skin around Zombiefest time last year, right? You said I looked like zombie Jon Hamm…

Lillian:  Yes, that is precisely when it started. We both got the stage 3 skins…and I think we were standing around and I was bemoaning the fact that I was a rotting deer, and you looked like an Undead Don Draper.

Mako:  Stage 3 or stage 2?

Lillian:  We bought stage 3 first… I remember the hour of debate we had.

Mako:  Lol, yeah it was a huge decision, trying to pick just one to buy.

Lillian:  Standing there in Nomine trying them on and working though the versatility and degrees of rot on each —

Mako:  They are fantastic skins. We have both since gone back to Nomine and gotten all four stages.

Lillian:  Each stage shows a different level of decay from barely rotten to totally decayed with bits fallen off.

Mako: Hehe, all sorts of undead possibilties.

Lillian: In this series I am wearing the Stage 2 skin with the Stage 4 attachments.

Mako: Yes, you are a zombie mixmaster.

Mako:  The Zombie Mad Men thing was a great idea — we had grand plans for a big shoot at one point. I’m glad we finally got around to doing this, even if it’s on a much smaller scale than what we’d originally discussed.

Lillian:  It was…I think we should write a screenplay, but that is another topic for another forum.

Mako:  Hehe.

Lillian:  Here is an interesting thing:  My ass…very lush for a zombie. I made it EXTRA plushy for this shoot… I always DO seem to come back to my ass.

Mako:  Christina Hendricks plushy. Mmmm, Christina Hendricks…

Lillian:  YES…her ass, like that ripe lush tomato. Can we have a moment of silent respect for her non-zombie ass?

Mako:  Yes.

Lillian:  ……

Mako: ……

Mako: Amen.

Kao Sunburn: Sniffles, Crazy, and High

August 13, 2010

Lillian Shippe, Mako Kungfu, Rach Borkotron all wearing the Kao Sunburn skin.

This time we tried out the Kao Sunburn skin available for 100L at the iTUTU fair, with the assistance of Mako’s lovely partner Rach Borkotron (that is her exuberantly showing her stuff over there on the right).  This is another one of those specialty skins that looks different on everyone.  Look at our faces.  LOOK AT THEM!   That rosy flush of color has a marked effect on each one of us.  I don’t know why, maybe it is my fuller and slightly more bee stung lips, but it makes me look like I’ve got a head cold.  My nose looks a little puffy and my mouth does as well.  If I had told you I’d been fighting a fever for a few days, you wouldn’t argue.  I might have JUST sneezed.  I’ve noticed this same effect on myself with some of the skins from Sanu that have the rosy nose and cheeks.

Mako, on the other hand kept muttering about his eyes.  He does indeed have the crazy eyes in this skin.  Some skins seem to take shapes that are already doe eyed and give them the modified Clockwork Orange treatment.  This one does just that.  You get a little bit of the wide open “HEY HOW ARE YOUUUUUUU DOING!?!” hyperactive eye action going on.  It might be the pink highlighting of an area that the body mesh tends to draw attention to anyway.

The award for slightly strange effects on the face for this skin goes to Rach though.  On her, it makes her look a little sleepy…like she is fighting the good fight over there  and has been rubbing at her eyes.  Maybe that last hit of whatever was a bit too much.   Once again, it might be how that pink tone fluxes around the cheekbone shape playing with how wide the eyes are set…or it could just be that Borkotron is a nut that way.    I kind of personally love that not only do you get a sunburn, but a Russian Roulette of personalities when you get this skin.

The sunburn “tan” lines are adorable by the way, and you can see them playing on each of our bikini clad torsos up there.   If you get one of the Kao swimsuits however, they match perfectly.