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September 14, 2010

We both picked up the 1L gift skin from SLink at the 2010 Hair Fair. The skin is called Siobhan and two tones (fair and suntanned) are included. And so, we discuss:

Lillian:  On the &Bean shape I am wearing, it almost makes me look Bjork-style Scandanavian.

Mako:  Haha, you do look Bjorkish.

Lillian:  God, I have pig eyes.

Mako:  And my regular shape has saucer eyes — the eyes are very defined on this skin.

Lillian:  I just think there is some lack of highlighting around the brow bone here that does funky things with the eyes.  Yours are huge and mine are tiny. WTF?

Mako:  Yeah lol — exactly. That is strange. but there is eyeshadow and stuff… ? I’m baffled, honestly.

Lillian:  The skin looks normal on the shape you have on on the far left.

Mako: Yeah… and funny thing is, I’ve worn that shape before and it has never looked quite normal… this is an interesting skin.

Lillian:  You look like a kick ass cold fashionista with that shape on…

Mako:  Hahahaha — a cleaving kick ass cold fashionista.

Lillian:  Yes, well… the cleavage on this skin is fantastic. There is no denying that.

Mako:  Indeed.

Lillian:  Your globes overfloweth.

Mako:  LOL. As do yours.

Lillian:  I am not used to that so I find myself constantly averting my eyes.

Mako:  Averting your eyes from your virtual cleavage?

Lillian:  Yes.  I am made uncomfortable by the abundance of my digital boobage.

Mako:  Lol. Embrace the digital boobage

Lillian:  Yes sir.

Mako:  For a 1L gift skin, this is pretty great though.

Lillian: Yeah, for a 1L skin? Boom boom. Let’s talk about the lips on this thing. There is some serious candystriping going on… CANDYSTRIPE LIPS!

Mako:  On my regular girl shape, the mouth definitely looks odd to me. Like i’m about to spit something out… But i don’t think they look bad on any of the other shapes — I don’t find the candystriping distracting.

Lillian:  No it isn’t, it is just like super glossy…like Bonnie Bell glossy.

Mako:  What is Bonnie Bell?

Lillian:  It is teenage flavoured lipgloss.

Mako:  Oh. What kind of flavors?

Lillian:  Strawberry, rootbeer, bubblegum… it was some high class stuff, Mako. Mmmmmmm rootbeer Bonnie Bell.  I had this girlfriend once… oh wait. Sorry.

Mako:  So this skin is just 1L and also tastes like root beer? SCORE!

Lillian:  YESSSSS.

Mako:  Can’t really go wrong.

Lillian:  Nope.

The 2010 Hair Fair is open until this Sunday, September 19th. SLink is on the Hair Fair 1 sim.


We are both wearing Pig in all pics: Lillian has on Heather goes Hunting and Girl Mako is in Plain Olivia. Otherwise, clockwise from upper left:

Mako: Hair by Kin (Elsa – Hair Fair 2010), shape by Lemon (Freebie), eyelashes by Milk Motion

Lillian: Hair by Clawtooth (Lovely Liz), custom shape

Lillian: Hair by Lamb (Sour), custom shape

Lillian: Hair by Tiny Bird (Girl Anachronism), shape by &Bean (Gonnie)

Mako: Hair by Shag (These Things – Hair Fair 2010), custom shape

Mako: Hair by Kin (Margaret), freckle tattoo layer by Tres Blah, custom shape

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