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Kao Sunburn: Sniffles, Crazy, and High

August 13, 2010

Lillian Shippe, Mako Kungfu, Rach Borkotron all wearing the Kao Sunburn skin.

This time we tried out the Kao Sunburn skin available for 100L at the iTUTU fair, with the assistance of Mako’s lovely partner Rach Borkotron (that is her exuberantly showing her stuff over there on the right).  This is another one of those specialty skins that looks different on everyone.  Look at our faces.  LOOK AT THEM!   That rosy flush of color has a marked effect on each one of us.  I don’t know why, maybe it is my fuller and slightly more bee stung lips, but it makes me look like I’ve got a head cold.  My nose looks a little puffy and my mouth does as well.  If I had told you I’d been fighting a fever for a few days, you wouldn’t argue.  I might have JUST sneezed.  I’ve noticed this same effect on myself with some of the skins from Sanu that have the rosy nose and cheeks.

Mako, on the other hand kept muttering about his eyes.  He does indeed have the crazy eyes in this skin.  Some skins seem to take shapes that are already doe eyed and give them the modified Clockwork Orange treatment.  This one does just that.  You get a little bit of the wide open “HEY HOW ARE YOUUUUUUU DOING!?!” hyperactive eye action going on.  It might be the pink highlighting of an area that the body mesh tends to draw attention to anyway.

The award for slightly strange effects on the face for this skin goes to Rach though.  On her, it makes her look a little sleepy…like she is fighting the good fight over there  and has been rubbing at her eyes.  Maybe that last hit of whatever was a bit too much.   Once again, it might be how that pink tone fluxes around the cheekbone shape playing with how wide the eyes are set…or it could just be that Borkotron is a nut that way.    I kind of personally love that not only do you get a sunburn, but a Russian Roulette of personalities when you get this skin.

The sunburn “tan” lines are adorable by the way, and you can see them playing on each of our bikini clad torsos up there.   If you get one of the Kao swimsuits however, they match perfectly.

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