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Smug and Satisfied

January 23, 2011

A long time ago I started trying to wear the skins from Fashionably Dead, created by Toast Bard. I found that they looked off on me. I don’t know if it was the fact that my shape was Asian, or that I didn’t have those round broad features that her skins seemed to favor, but I just could never seem to wear them well. I tried, every few months longingly picking up a couple demos and then sadly packing them away. All that changed recently when I bought her Tokyo skin that she made for the One-Eleven event. It was glorious and fit me in a way none of her previous skins had. So much so, that I decided to give her skins another try, and dragged Mako along for the ride.

FD Princess Skin 1

Bird Skin, the lightest tone

Toast recently had a pack of her Princess line on sale at Euphoria for 100L, which included 3 skin tones (Bird Skin, Morning Sun, and Earth Flower) in a range of eyebrow colors and freckles. I showed Mako the Bird Skin.

Mako: I love that.

Lillian: It was 100L for the pack. It comes in Earth Flower and Morning Sun too.

Mako: I love the simplicity and the freckles, LOL

Lillian: and with black, brown, red and blonde brows…but the freckles are only on the brown I think.

Mako: Oh that looks great too, that darker tone works well on you.

Lillian: You look lovely. It is so soft on you!

Mako: lol, you think? I look like… I can’t put my finger on it…

Lillian: I think this skin would be great for layering makeup tattoos on though. It is a great base for that.

Mako nods.

FD Princess Skin 2

Morning Sun, the medium tone

Lillian: You look sort of like….hmmmm…. god,  who the heck do you look like?

Mako: Yeah, I look like someone, don’t I?

Lillian: It is on the tip of my tongue. Oh! You look like Gwen Steffani when she has no makeup on.

Mako: lol

Lillian grins.

Mako: Well now that you say that… yeah.

Lillian: …like someone just scrubbed you.

Mako: I think you love these more than I do, but I do like them a lot.

Lillian:  They don’t accentuate my DSL disease.

Mako: LOL would you really call DSL a disease?

Lillian: I can’t get away from it, every AV I make has it.

Mako: Heh.

Earth Flower, the darkest tone

Mako: I’m a little Angelina maybe?

Lillian: hmmmm….maybe.

Mako: …or somebody, I can’t put my finger on it. At least you don’t think I look like Megan Fox again! lol

FD Princess Skins

The Smug and Satisfied Outtake - Raw from SL

Mako: Yeah we look totally different. I look smug, you look satisfied. There is a subtle difference.

Lillian: Hahaha. Blog post title: Smug and Satisfied.

Mako: Heh.

Note from Mako: Girl Mako has been wearing the Bird Skin (with eyelashes and more freckles added via tatt layer) for a few days and it has really grown on me. People keep complimenting me on it. Like Lillian, I had trouble wearing FD skins before this — they looked fantastic on other people, but odd on me. Not so with these newer lines. Rock on, Toast Bard!


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