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Lillian’s Eyes, Mako’s Mouth

February 9, 2011

Lillian Shippe: This is the Jita Skin for The Dressing Room Blue by MONS. It is under 100L.
Lillian Shippe: So the thing that strikes me first is that in every one, every single friggin one, I still look Asian.
Mako Kungfu: Yep, you really do… and i don’t at all.
Mako Kungfu: Well no, that’s not true. In the littlest shape I kinda do…
Lillian Shippe: The one in the middle?
Mako Kungfu: Yeah.
Lillian Shippe: Yeah, you sort of do…it is the most Asian of the 5 of you.
Mako Kungfu: Some of the shapes you are wearing are non-Asian shapes, right?
Lillian Shippe: All of them BUT my regular shape there are non Asian.
Mako Kungfu: Wow, really.
Lillian Shippe: Yes.
Lillian Shippe: The second one is a generic Insect Girl shape I use for that sort of thing… The last one is a Kunstkammer and those don’t look Asian at all. The 4th one is that Gonnie shape for Trilogy by &bean. None of those were Asian.
Mako Kungfu: Kunstkammer shapes were always very Germanic. You could always tell which shapes were hers — she had such a distinctive, different look to her shapes. I miss that place.
Lillian Shippe: Yeah, I miss her too…. That chin shape of hers was so distinctive.
Mako Kungfu nods.
Mako Kungfu: Well… so why do you look Asian? lol
Mako Kungfu: They all have similar eye shapes.
Lillian Shippe: I don’t know? Is it because we expect me to be Asian? Like, if we showed the pics of me to an impartial observer would they think these were Asian avs?
Mako Kungfu: Yeah, most of them.
Lillian Shippe: Maybe I am drawn to similar eye shape avatars. But I purposefully chose ones for this shoot sort of at random. You saw me do it. There was very little thought on my part here. Most of these shapes were not purchases, but rather accidental acquisitions.
Mako Kungfu nods.
Mako Kungfu: I think it’s all in the eyes. You seem to prefer shapes with a more closed eye shape — look at the pic of me, my eyes are all wider than yours lol

Lillian Shippe: Yes, you do tend to go for the much more wide open eyeshape. We both have our design leanings in that regard, and our prejudices are showing here I guess.
Mako Kungfu: Well so that solves it lol
Lillian Shippe: We should design a shape for each other and trade.
Mako Kungfu: Haha that would be great! Next time…
Lillian Shippe: It would be dangerous.
Mako Kungfu: lol how so?
Lillian Shippe rubs her hands together and laughs with an evil titter.
Lillian Shippe: Oh…no reason.
Mako Kungfu: lol
Lillian Shippe: So, back to the skin…
Mako Kungfu: Well, so i think, especially for an inexpensive skin, this is pretty versatile.
Lillian Shippe: It is…I mean, obviously a bunch of shapes can wear it and wear it well.
Mako Kungfu: The lips are really berryish but it’s not that makeuppy…
Mako Kungfu: Wow, I just made up like half those words.
Lillian Shippe: You did… I was waiting for you to go to makeuppuppy next…
Mako Kungfu: lol
Lillian Shippe: They are VERY ripe lips. I tried a bunch of lip layers with them though, and they can work.
Mako Kungfu: Yeah, you can easily tone down the ripeness if you want.
Lillian Shippe: It works on a variety of mouth shapes as well. Even that drag queen thing you have going on in the first shape can play it out… down to the little anime princess mouth in the third shape.
Mako Kungfu: hahahahaha
Lillian Shippe: Dude…totally true.
Mako Kungfu: I think the second one is more draggy…
Lillian Shippe: Look at the jaw on the first one. T’is all bout the jaw.
Mako Kungfu: You know that’s supposed to be a Scarlett Johanssen shape?
Lillian Shippe: NO
Lillian Shippe: NO!
Mako Kungfu: LOL
Mako Kungfu: one of these days i’m gonna bust out the Victoria Beckham freebie shape.
Lillian Shippe: I think I have that one…
Mako Kungfu: I smell a special post!
Lillian Shippe: YAY
Mako Kungfu: So bottom line: it’s cheap, it works, get thee to the Dressing Room to buy this thing while you have the chance?
Lillian Shippe: Yes. And if you like Asian skins DO NOT PASS IT UP. It is probably one of the best I have seen in the eye area.

(And yes, Girl Mako has a bunny in her hair. Thank you, Hair Fair!)

Lillian is trying to do some credits here cause Mako reminded me we didn’t:

On Lillian:
Hair: Clawtooth
Top: NiniA (Not yet Available)
Undershirt: Runo for The Dressing Room
Feather Thingy: glow for The Dressing Room

On Mako:
Hair: Bunneh by Milestone Creations (Hair Fair 2010)
Top: Mimo by Bare Rose
Earrings: Grace by Lelutka (old gift)
Tattoo: Koi by Garden of Ku

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