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Sooty Lips and Cat’s Eyes.

January 31, 2011

Mako directed us to the Dressing Room this weekend where we picked up this skin by Glam Affair. Called Jadis in Natural DAMA, it has black cupid bow lips and extreme cat eyes, with no brows to speak of at all. It is an extreme look, to say the least. So we chose to play with some extreme garb from Bare Rose when highlighting it. When we first tried the skin on, both of us felt that the graphic nature of the makeup would limit our use of it, but after playing with it a bit, we decided that it was much more versatile than we first thought. Mako warriored his up, turning it into a fierce representation of goddess-like strength. I embraced the kabuki side of it with and then went into a more western play on the idea of dance. I found it interesting how easily this skin slid from Valkyrie, to avenging geisha down to the dollish black swan. For less than 100L, it is a steal.  Get yourself to the Dressing Room, if you can, and pick this one up.

All outfits except for hair and tattoos are pretty much Bare Rose.

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