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Shape Shifting: Atomic Bambi

August 6, 2010

Here we are with the first comparison with the shape shiftiness.  Mako and I ran out and grabbed the Atomic Bambi Lana Sunblush Pure 2 skin that was out for Rockin Friday.   It was a meagre 50L, and we have both gotten skins from Atomic Bambi before, so we were no strangers to the product line there.  When we started running through our shifts the differences that happened under the skin started to come out in subtle ways.

Some of the differences were REALLY subtle.  If you look at the first row:  (Yeah, that is me up there) you can see that the Asian features in shape 3 and 5 REALLY don’t come across at all.  Yup.  My AV is Asian, but damn, you wouldn’t know it in this skin.  2 and 4 have some strong contrast in the jaw line with the delicate vs the strong square drag queen jaw both working fairly well with this skin.  Mako tells me I generally have DSL  in my normal shape and this skin doesn’t really fight against that, in fact, it sort of camouflages it, so if you are a big lipped sister like me…well…you can see what it does to you.

Mako is all girled out there in row two.  I think the changes in shape are much more hard to spot with this skin till you get to the funky thing happening with him in number 9.  WTF dude…His face just went through a Playdough pizza roller, but such is the world of the some of our shapes.   The deep set eyes on 9 also seem to eat up all the socket coloration, so if you are setting your sliders extreme there, take that in to account with this skin.  The lip texturing seems to work for all the permutations of shape and most interestingly, even on number 7 which has a rather unique wider nose configuration, the shading doesn’t look that off.

Now keep in mind, we are both fully aware that shape is a highly personal thing.  I mean, hell, Mako custom made his girl shape, and mine has been so heavily modified that it bears little resemblance to the thing it once was.  We KNOW that people fall in love with certain shapes for some serious internalized reasons.  Skin creators aren’t any different. Keep that shit in mind when you shop folks.

    1$NFSCD Shape for Laq Tasha
    2 Vive 9 Mischa
    3 Bodyline Sara
    4 Custom
    5 Custom
    6 Vive 9 Kois
    7 Lemon Angelina
    8 Rockberry Shape 6
    9 Sea Hole Monster Girlfriend
    10 Beautiful Girls by Abra Exonar – Odette
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