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Mia Snow’s Immortal Dreamer v2

August 7, 2010

Mako: So this is the Immortal Dreamer v2 skin from MiaSnow — I’m a huge fan of the original Immortal Dreamer skull skin, but this really takes things up a notch.
Lillian: The shading around the eyes…there is something about that pop of color that is incredibly compelling. It just whammo draws you in.
Lillian stares into the skully eyes.
Mako: Hehe, the green one shown here is in the lucky board right now at the MiaSnow mainstore in Mirrordeep, and there are other variants — I honestly haven’t decided yet which (or how many) I’m gonna buy. I might need them all.
Lillian: Dude, that one of you in the blonde (upper left), you look like you are slightly confused by your skinless condition. I love the quizzical look that is going on there.
Mako: That’s a modded version of the Gamer Guy noob shape that Nylon Pinkney did for Linden Labs. I loved those noob shapes — really unusual.
Lillian: You can do SOOO much with those shapes. I think I made my shape there (upper center) based off that same original but damn, you wouldn’t know it. Why are my teeth crooked? Did I get punched?
Mako: Heh. You pointed out while we were doing this that, because it’s such a strong graphic skin, the shape variations might not be so obvious… and that’s true for the more normal shapes we tried this on. But I think the odder shapes really bring out some awesome differences.
Lillian: Yeah. In your original shape (upper right) you really see that delicate peachy asian man jawline of yours come out. You still look like a carbonified John Hamm though.
Mako: LOL. We are not putting that in.
Lillian: Yes we are.
Mako: LOL.
Lillian: The hipster girls will all want the skin so they can look like an over grilled Christina Hendricks.
Mako: Well, the first Immortal Dreamer was unisex. I’m not sure if this one is meant to be unisex too…
Lillian: I got a good look at your pecs when you went all shirtless. It doesn’t look that unisex to me. It is seriously six packed up.
Mako: Yeah. Though if you weren’t planning on ripping off your lady clothes it could be unisex. The face works for… whatever.
Lillian: The face is TOTALLY unisexed. Damn, look at the range of expressions up there with that thing. And that is with no emoters. It looks totally different.
Mako: I wear MiaSnow’s skins the most when I am shapeshifting into something crazy. I mean, look how awesome and solid and terrifying the skin looks on the giant strongman shape (lower right).
Lillian: Ok..I’m totally bragging now. I make a friggin hot skeleton dude (lower center). Look at me with the mohawk. Tell me I am not dangerous and hot.
Mako: LOL yes, you are fierce. Watch out for my skeleton strongman though!

Upper row, left to right: Custom mod of the old Gamer Guy noob avatar, custom shape, custom shape
Lower row, left to right: Aman (Nice Guy), Maschienenwerk, Grim Bros (Dred Pirate Strongman)


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